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Our Story - EaveSafe Gutter Protection

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

With the intention to correct the price disparity in the current market, our owner Nicholas Waldram sought to find the soft spot between supplier, contractor and homeowner. He reached out to only the highest quality suppliers in Southwestern Ontario to find the best prices. Once achieved, he set out to assemble a team of installers that would provide a quality service for Gutter Cleaning, Repair and Guard Installation time and time again!

Once this team of professionals was assembled, he went on to advise the consumers in his hometown of Chatham, Ontario that there was a new alternative to the costly Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repair and Gutter Guard Installations in the Chatham-Kent area.

The Results?

Nicholas found his prospective clients ecstatic about the quotes received for their Gutter Repair, Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard Installation needs! His prices were way more competitive than current market prices and the team he had assembled to complete the tasks had continue to perform with quality and customer satisfaction in mind!

Where Are We Now?

With the success Nicholas and team saw within only the first year in business, they decided it would only be fair to provide these services to as many people in Southwestern Ontario as possible! After receiving a few referrals for clients in both Windsor and London, Ontario, the team has expanded its service area to Windsor, London and Sarnia, Ontario!

EaveSafe Gutter Protection aims to provide quality service for all of our clients for their Eavestrough Cleaning, Eavestrough Repair and Eavestrough Guard Installations.

Thank you for reading! Fill out a form to be reached for a Free Estimate!

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