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Gutter Maintenance 101

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Ensuring your gutters are clean all-year-round is one way to ensure you protect the foundation of your home! Here we've provided a Small 3-Step guideline to keep your home safe!

  1. Reach out to EaveSafe Gutter Protection to schedule a cleaning of your gutters to remove leaves and debris that can clog up downspouts and cause water to overflow and damage your home. EaveSafe Gutter Protection specialists will be on the look out for for leaks and loose support hangers, and make sure the gutters are sloped properly – they should decline at least ¼-inch every 10 feet.

  2. Ask for information about installing Gutter Guards to ensure that once cleaned, your Gutters will be protected throughout the summer and fall seasons!

  3. Ensure a consistent annual schedule of Gutter Cleaning is implemented for all the homes in your family! The cost savings in repairs from Clogged/Obstructed Gutters will pay for itself!

It's as simple as 1-2-3! Share this post with your friends and call us for a free estimate!

EaveSafe Gutter Protection - 226-627-0263

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