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Repairing Roof Gutters to Protect Your Home

At EaveSafe Gutter Protection, we have made it a point to educate our clients on the importance of their Gutter Protection System. Many homeowners, new and old, can be unintentionally careless about the well-being of their Rain Gutters. We ensure to educate our customers and inform them of the importance of maintaining fully functioning Eavestrough to protect their home.

Your homes Roof Gutters are an essential piece of a larger puzzle. This puzzle ensures the safety of the foundation of your home in the Winter or even in times of heavy rainfall. As our Canadian winter comes to an end, all the snow accumulated on your home’s roofing has surely started to trickle it's way down the roof of your home. How will your home manage for the extra downpour of water coming from the roof of your home, especially during these early Spring showers!

Our advice, your home will need a system that can catch water from melted snow and keep it away from your home to avoid any possible damage to your property. An eavestrough fitted with downspouts is exactly what you need at this point.

If you are new to this home exterior essential, this article is ideal for you to read.


What are the Benefits of an Eavestrough Gutter System?

Ensure Efficient Water Drainage

Each and every home made in Canada, has been equipped with an eavestrough system to protect the foundation of your home from water seepage. Without this system, splatters of water could potentially create dirty and muddy marks on your home’s wall. An excess of water coming from your roof, if not managed, can also be a cause for soil erosion and potentially and over-saturation of that soil. Over-Saturation of soil along your home’s foundation is also 10x more likely to damage the structure of your home. We recommend Installing an eavestrough gutter system along with gutter protection to solve all the issues mentioned above and ensure that melted snow is drained in an area that reduces potential for damage to your home and yard, using downspouts.

Protecting the Aesthetic Look of Your Home

When the days get warmer and snow will melt at a higher pace, a lot of water will be available that will require systematic drainage. Water will come down from your roof suddenly and will need to be efficiently drained, or your yard is at risk of becoming flooded! This is what typically happens when there is heavy rainfall, as water is not able to drain efficiently and overflows onto other areas of the yard, which are not equipped with a mechanism to drain this water, and often the yard becomes a tiny pool. A way to avoid this is to install an eavestrough system with Gutter Guards in place, to avoid blockages, but also to ensure there are multiple points for the water to exit from. Downspouts at each corner of the home and potentially more will assist with an even distribution of water, so that in times of heavy rainfall your property is protected.

Avoid Major Damages

As previously stated, if the water coming from the roof of your home is not directed in a way that allows for the water to drain in an efficient manner the area surrounding your home will be subjected to an excess of water intake. Apart from the impact caused to your lawn and the soil of your garden, potentially running the plants and tress in this garden, an over-saturation of water in the soil has typically lead to basement flooding, cracks in the deck and patio, under the house flooding and potentially other foundational problems. Your eavestrough system will direct away from the foundation of your home and will allow you to avoid the problems mentioned above and assist in maintaining the well-being of your home.

Prevent Your Roof from Rotting

If the snow on the roof of your home melts and fails to drain efficiently, it can become accumulated in specific areas on your roof. If this happens, the water can find its way underneath the shingles of your roof and potentially cause damage beneath the shingles! This damage can destroy the integrity of your entire roof, which can be a risky thing as your roof could potentially lead to a disastrous situation for you and your family. Our team will ensure that eavestrough are installed on your perfectly sloping roof, to ensure that the water is drained and allows for your roof to dry once the snow melts away!

Maintain a Better Homeownership Experience

Have you ever seen a tiny waterfall coming off of a home in your city? It's a terrible aesthetic for your home and can be quite frankly embarrassing and more so, dangerous! When you do not have a proper Eavestrough System installed on your home. When you have an eavestrough system in place water is directed to only come down the downspout. Ensuring that water is not flowing off of the roof of your home as it may be flowing in the neighbourhood!

In our professional opinion, you need a Gutters installed properly onto your home. Once installed you need to clean and maintain it well so that you do not have any drainage problems or issues where you'll have to replace your eavestrough.

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