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Gutter Guards in Windsor, Ontario

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Tired of spending time and money on gutter cleaning every year? Invest in your home and make your gutters leaf proof with EaveSafe Gutter Protection. 

What are gutter guards?

Gutter guards seek to solve the biggest flaw in your homes rainwater management system, the accumulation of debris that hinders its proper function. Our eavestrough covers are designed to allow water to flow freely while preventing leaves and other debris from accumulating and forming blockages.

Gutter Guards made in Canada
40 Year Guarantee

Our gutter guards are formed right here in Canada from a continuous sheet of high gauge solid aluminum, with no plastic parts. Why do we use this simple solid aluminum construction? 

Rust: Unlike steel products, our solid aluminum gutter guards will never rust, even in the harshest Canadian climates.

Cracking: Plastic and vinyl products, when exposed to the suns harmful UV radiation, become extremely brittle over time. This can lead to these products failing when water ice expands the eavestrough in the winter.

Warping: During the summer months, roof temperatures can reach in excess of 85°C! This is hot enough to warp plastic and vinyl products, leading to these product failing.

Clogging: Fine mesh products can become clogged from shingle grit, dust and other debris. This means water will skate over the top of the guard and not flow into the eavestrough. Our gutter guards allow these small debris to safely enter the gutter system and exit through the downspout.


How long will they last?

With nearly 300,000ft of eavestrough covers installed in across Southwestern Ontario, we are so confident in our gutter guard system that we guarantee it for 40 years! 


This means that once your gutter guards are installed, your eavestroughs will essentially become leaf-proof for the life of your gutter system. Make gutter cleaning a thing of the past with EaveSafe Gutter Protection's professional gutter guard installation service!

How will they look?

Not only does our gutter guard system perform well, it also looks great doing it! Rather than using subcontractors, we invest in hiring and extensively training our own in-house installation teams. This ensures extra care is taken when installing your gutter guards. The result is an industry leading gutter protection system that is nearly impossible to spot from below but still looks great from above!

Here are a few examples of our work!

For more information on our gutter guard installation service or to learn more about our product offering please give us a call at (519) 930-2429 or email us at To see more images of our work please visit us on Facebook or Instagram!

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