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Loose Gutter Nails?

What you need to know if you have loose gutter nails!

Loose Gutter Nails, Eavestrough Spikes Loose

What causes nails to loosen?

Swelling/contracting of the facia board coupled with the weight from water, snow/ice and debris can cause your gutter nails to loosen and eventually fall out. This can lead to disastrous and dangerous consequences for your home and those living in it if left untreated.

What is the solution to loose nails?

Simply pounding the nails back into their holes will just lead to the nails backing out again and making new holes every time the nail loosens will damage the facia board. The bast solution is to have EaveSafe Gutter Protection sister up each loose nail with new screwed hangers.

What kind of hangers are best?

Gutter Hangers are not all made the same. Take for example the gutter hanger to the right. This standard aluminum hanger is designed to be installed with a 1" wood screw. With its simple and thin aluminum design, it is likely to fail if more than 50lbs is applied to it. This means it will not be able to stand up to the weight of water, snow/ice or debris that accumulates in the gutter system.

This Quick-Screw hanger (left) on the other hand is much more robust. The back of the hanger hooks around the back of the eavestrough to ensure proper placement and angle every time. The vertical sides on either side of the bracket prevent it from flexing! Finally, the angled and collared 2" bolt provides maximum rigidity and ensures the back of the bracket cannot bend. All of these improvements allow it to hold up to 200lbs!

Final Thoughts

Using the highest quality materials is important when the wellbeing of your home and your family is on the line! Call EaveSafe Gutter Protection, Canada's preferred gutter service provider for your free, no obligation gutter repair estimate today!

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